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This Will Not Make Sense As A First Post, But!

December 19, 2012
J + V '12

I’ve had the blessing (and I don’t often use that term) to have more or less become a part of John’s family over the few seemingly short months we’ve been together. I’ve never really been one to get overly involved in the families of my friends or significant others (though I’ve tried before). To have them accept and care about me the way they do is astounding, and I’m very happy to be able to give back a little to them. I see this as being actually quite significant, and I feel it deserves a more permanent place on my social profile than a simple status. I’ve had the fortune to have met and become (almost) a member of the McElrath household.

His brothers are like annoying little siblings sometimes, and his parents are like an annoying set of parents sometimes. But at this point, I don’t look at them as my boyfriend’s parents, or even my possible future in-laws. They’re more like my family, kind of like my grandparents are. They’ve done so much for me, even knowing me such a short time. They steal food off my plate and tease me for being a picky eater. When I leave, they ask when they’ll see me again. I tease little Alex and have random extensive conversations with Stacy about random things for no reason. Todd and I pick on each other for being different (it tends to boil down to Texan vs. New England). They went to my high school graduation and got me an awesome new set of headphones for my birthday. They drove me to and from their house at least twice a week before I got my license and rarely asked for anything in return. They brought John to visit me when I was having a crisis, even though it was getting late and they didn’t really have the gas. I have so much to thank them for, and I honestly can’t say enough about how insanely lucky I am to have John and his amazing family.


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