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Imagine the Rosebud

December 19, 2012

The human imagination is not unlike a rosebud; delicate and beautiful, yet often untouchable.

This rose will bloom as long as you believe in the make-believe, but as with many people, that faith in what is intangible often slips away with age.

He who possesses my rose shall watch it bloom and thrive in youth… but as dreams are shattered by age, as they often are, the petals shall begin to fall away.

When the last petal sheds, the flower of imagination shall wilt and turn to ash. His faith in the otherworld has been crushed, and that is something that cannot be restored.

But someday, an untainted mind shall find the rose, and it shall, like the majestic Phoenix, bloom again from the ashes and thrive in the innocent dreams of youth… and the cycle begins anew.



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