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A Choice I Once Faced.

December 20, 2012
Rattie McRatRat Esq. III

Choose ONLY TWO, no exceptions:


This is school. It constitutes getting up early and learning. Will better you in life later on.

BUT if you don’t keep it – You lose all financial support, become homeless, and lose your mode of transportation. You are disowned by the only family you care about.


This is your part-time job that gives you money for things that aren’t needs, as well as things that are needs, such as food.

BUT if you don’t keep it – You are looked down upon by everyone, cannot feed yourself outside of your home, and will have no emergency cash. You also lose any benefits from working.


This covers any and all social interactions outside of school and work colleagues. It allows you to hang out with friends and your significant other, and also lets you talk on the phone with them.

BUT if you don’t keep it – You (probably) break up with your significant other, and cannot hang out with anyone. You spend all your time at home but cannot use your phone, Facebook, or any service / program such as Skype. You lose all your friends and your significant other might be gone for good, as you were one of the only things keeping them from moving away. All your friends hate you.



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