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An Rant About Pokémon Fans

December 20, 2012
My boyfriend as Glaceon and Myself as Flareon

Effective communication is directly linked not only with finding a non-threatening way of expressing either an opinion or asking a question. If you spend any time reading comment chains on YouTube videos that express opinions (might I suggest watching “Gamer Girl, Booth Babe, or Attention Whore?” by SilvermaniaShow on YouTube [note that there is a bit of language!!!]), or any sort of comment chain or debate on anything that has to do with an opinion. Opinions are our right as people, and the ability to agree or disagree is also our right. Why, then, when someone says they dislike something, even if it’s in a non-threatening manner, do people explode with rage and hatred as if they had no right to say anything negative about something. An increasingly annoying one on the internet is the Pokémon fans!

Since Pokémon’s debut in the mid-1990s, the franchise has grown and evolved like the creatures it represents. Throughout the years, there have been 5 “Generations” of Pokémon, each introducing new concepts and creatures to allow for a more varied experience. People who grew up playing Gen 1 games are often completely hateful against these new games. 151 Pokémon have become 649 different creatures. It seems to be a growing trend that you either hate people who liked Gen 1, or hate people who like Gen 5. If anyone is in the middle, they are stomped out for their lack of bias. Arguments against the newer Generations are often unfounded. Here are some of the arguments and some supporting evidence that they are completely without evidence.

(The following data was collected by an anonymous source, but after checking the numbers myself, I find that it is more-or-less accurate.)

(Secondary note: The actual arguements you see are not nearly as well-written, or even entirely readable without a txtspk trnsltr “Textspeak Translator”!)

1. “Too many new Pokémon are based off of man-made (inanimate) objects!”
Generations in order based on percentage of Pokémon based that way:

G3 – 4%

G2 – 4%

G5 – 5%

G1 – 6%

G4 – 7%

2. “Pokémon have become too colorful, I liked them simple!”
Generations and average number of colors in each creature design:

G1 – 3

G2 – 3

G3 – 3

G4 – 3

G5 – 3

(I find this one hilarious.)

3. “Too many new Pokémon are just evolutions of older Pokémon!”
Generations and percentages of Pokémon based off of pre-existing Pokémon:

G5 – 0%

G1 – 0%

G3 – 1%

G2 – 19%

G4 – 27%

4. “There are too many new legendaries!”
Generations and percentages of legendary Pokémon introduced:

G1 – 3%

G2 – 6%

G3 – 7%

G5 – 8%

G4 – 12%

Meaning that all-in-all the arguments are truly unfounded without evidence, and that hating the newer Gens simply for being new is equivalent to saying that something is superior just because you said so. And saying that people who prefer the first games aren’t true fans is the same as saying that not agreeing with you makes someone not as good as you.

Now, the whole reason for this drawn-out post is to prove that the key to communication is really being open to others opinions and being able to logically reason with them to point out your own thoughts in a non-threatening manner.

I love Pokémon, and always have, but my favorite game (out of the franchise) was in Gen 4. Just because I have a different favorite for a different reason doesn’t make me less of a fan than the next person. (Honestly, I can tell most “fans” more about the mechanics behind the world of Pokémon than most people out there know.)

It’s hard to express an opinion without negativity, and I was thoroughly impressed by my own reaction to the speech. Even if I’m considered a very easy person to communicate an opinion to, (because if you give me reasons as to why you think the way you do, I will accept your opinion as a valid train of thought), I have some opinions of my own, most especially about food. I’m an extremely picky eater.

I strive when communicating to be very relatable and logical. One thing that I hope others may learn from me is that if you give reasons as to why you think the way you do, no one has any right to tell you that it’s wrong to think that way. Also, I want people to realize that EVERYONE has the right to an opinion: NOT. JUST. YOU. So being offensive when you disagree with someone makes you sound unintelligent, rude, and simply like you don’t respect that person’s right to think.

PhotoShop'd by myself

PhotoShop’d by myself


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  1. THANK YOU for this post. You should definitely share it somewhere, like Serebii. Jeezums, you should (or rather, shoud not) see the heated arguments that are blazing over there! There’s also a bit of a rvialry between Competitive and Casual battlers.

    • There tends to be a lot of hateful rivalry with casual and competitive players in any game. It saddens me that even Pokemon is exposed to the hatred that comes with having “serious, systematic players” against “casual, emotional players”. The way I play has changed over the years, but my party is always my friends. I guess that’s one thing people can’t stand. I make friends with and form emotional attachments to my team. But I will occasionally train or breed for certain traits and stats. I’m not dead-set on beating the system.

      When it comes to battling, there are people who just want to be the best at something, and those people tend to be rude to people who don’t let winning consume their soul. Just like with any FPS, there are jerks who belittle anyone who wants to just enjoy the game. I suppose competitive battlers (specifically ones who are rude to casuals) is like X-Box Live people finding real games and transferring their obsession and hate.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

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