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17+ Types of Human– And Normal is White?

December 20, 2012
Eevee is White People?

I once described myself as “Aryan” in an elementary school class. Most of the people in the room (mainly 4th / 5th graders) didn’t know what I meant, and the teachers thought they did and I got into trouble. To summarize, “Aryan” was the word used to describe the “Master Race” that was strived for during Adolf Hitler’s ruling of the Nazi Third Reich. This is most often shortened to the ideals of blond hair and blue eyes. Obviously, there’s far more to it than that, but in the interest of time and lack of confusion, bear in mind that until recently (i.e., within the past few years), I was completely under the impression that the definition of Aryan was blond hair / blue eyes.

I don’t feel by heritage to be diverse. When I think of racial diversity, I usually picture different visible races (skin color / eye shape / etc).

One thing about diversity in today’s society is that we focus so much on trying not to be “unfair” to other races that we discriminate against Caucasians. Have you ever seen on a question of race different options for being White? Of course not! We’ll see: Hawaii / Alaskan Native, Hispanic / Latino, Native American, African, Asian, etc, etc… followed up by “White (non-Hispanic)”.

Caucasians are just “White”. We don’t get options, so we don’t look at ourselves as being diverse. I call myself Aryan because I have descendants from Germany, Sweden, France, Ireland—if the demographics of that European country contains Blond-Blue, I’m probably a part of it. I’m not just White. Sure, other people may look at me that way, because I’m technically nothing but White, but when I get to know someone, I don’t want their race. People are from countries, not just continents.

I hate to bring forth this argument, but everyone has bias, everyone has prejudice. No one can look at someone and not make assumptions. It’s whether or not you act upon prejudice that counts. I honestly will admit that my first impressions about some students can make me not like them. I’m extremely prejudiced (?) against people in my age group. But I try not to let it show. I feel they all make biased assumptions about me, so we reach a point where I just try not to talk to anyone.


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