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Dating Game Pitch

December 20, 2012

This is a dating game about a set of octuplets (quintuplets) in the country of Andorra.


^ Andorra’s scenery actually looks quite a bit like New Hampshire. It’s weird.

A transfer student, Tensou Oshiego, is sent to study abroad over the summer and ends up meeting a group of identical girls with not-so-identical personalities.


^ Koshai: -A gardener, pacifist, and anti-war kind of girl, Koshai is extremely quiet and nervous around strangers. She dislikes conflict of any kind, and even though Koyota drags her about to collect information, she finds her sister’s snooping immoral… but is to afraid to object her best friend’s motives.


^ Koyota: -A seemingly normal, sweet girl, never tell her a secret. She is notorious for her gossip-spreading, and even though her information is usually credible, she does tell the others things you might not want anyone to know. She cares about Koshai, but sometimes disregards her friend(and sister)’s feelings for her own desire for information.


^ Kohime: -Utterly convinced she is a princess. Kohime is (supposedly) engaged to a prince, she just doesn’t know who or where he is. The key to her heart is proving yourself worthy of her highness.


^ Kotobu: -Ever optimistic, Kotobu wants to be the pilot of a fighter jet. Her legs were crippled in an accident when she was younger, leaving her paralyzed and wheelchair-bound for life. She believes that she can do anything if she gives it her all, and with Korika’s help, maybe she’ll live her dream and fly.


^ Korika: -A mad scientist dedicating her life to her inventions… and Legend of Zelda. Her youngest sister and closest friend, Kotobu, is paralyzed but wants to be a pilot, and is a great source of inspiration to never give up.

Each girl is crazy in their own way. The parents are sock puppets.


^Dad (TJ)


^ Mom (Erin)

I’ll make a story post for each of them sometime. This is just their overviews. I’ve more or less given up on the project, but I might pick it back up someday…

Also, there were originally eight characters: with the addition of Koyariman (the slut character), Kobaka (the pure idiot), and Kokyan (the musical prodigy). I cut out Koyariman due to wanting a certain level of PG-ness to the game, and the other two were cut due to time constraints. It’s been cut down to five in the current working beta of the game.


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