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Thanks, Everyone! (Plus, Details On MinZ Maille Holiday Special!)

December 27, 2012

Hey everyone. I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who read my blog. It really means a lot to me, and is really surprising. I created this blog thinking that no one would really ever see it. It was a gift to my boyfriend’s family to have my thankful words about them be out in the open. The fact that so many people have looked my blog since is incredible. It really makes me happy to know that people like my writing, will read my opinions, and drop a “Hey, good job” every once in awhile. That’s a rarity on the Internet these days, honestly, especially on social networks. You post an opinion on Facebook and you get “dislike” comments all over it. Here, people will read if they feel like it, then drop a like or a comment. They don’t start arguments or call you names. At least, no one has done it to me yet. I really appreciate everyone who reads this blog, and I want to thank you all for making my days a little brighter.

Moving on to the second topic, my last post was about a holiday special my boyfriend was running for the chainmaille business he’s trying to start. We’re tight on money right now, so we decided to reach out to you guys with this special offer (please feel free to let your friends know about this).

I realized in my previous post, I didn’t really clarify some things. So I was up really late last night trying to write up a clearer version, and my boyfriend and I decided we should add something to our list of goods: custom duct-tape roses. He made a lot of them for Christmas presents, and we decided to offer them to you. (Pictures for the roses at the end of the post)

Another thing I should clarify for you is gauge. Gauge is a measurement of thickness of a wire we use to make chainmaille rings. The gauge works kind of backwards: 14 gauge is thicker than 17 gauge. Currently, we don’t have any heavy machinery or anything, so all the rings are cut by hand with a pair of wire cutters. We also start to wind the rings by hand before we can use a small jig to wind a bit more. As of this time, we don’t use aluminum, as it it far too easy to bend out of shape. We use only galvanized steel wire (which is much harder to bend). All our wire is currently silver in color, and custom colors for chainmaille are not available. As I said, we’re starting out.

The way things are going financially right now, we’re having some trouble and selling even a couple of things would be very helpful. Eventually, we’re going to start visiting anime conventions as vendors, but for now we’re working out of home. All packages are shipped out of New Hampshire.

MinZ Maille:

Currently running a special.* / ** / *** / ****

17 gauge chainmaille dicebags: $15.
14 gauge chainmaille dicebags: $20.
Custom Duct-Tape Roses: $2 each, 3 for $5, 6 for $10, dozen for $20.
—Currently available colors to choose from: Gold, red, green, black, blue, silver, white.
—More colors (and prints) available for an extra $2.
—Alternating colors for petals available for an extra $1.
—Buy a dozen “classic” roses (red petals, green stem), get an extra for free.

*All these prices do not include shipping.
**Offer ends January 31, 2012.
***Contact for more information.
****Transactions will be made through PayPal.

More information about the roses:

Pictured below is a rose made by MinZ Maille. I’m hoping to get some pictures of the dicebags in the future, but photographing shiny metal takes a certain lighting. The lighting on these pictures were hard enough.


This is considered “classic” style. Red petals and a green stem. They aren’t usually that bright, but the lighting was terrible and cast a glare.


They’re very cute and a great gift for anyone who likes crafty things.


The number of petals is, within reason, also custom. This is a “full” rose. It has more petals than the standard. All the above pictures are of the same rose.

The levels are: minimal, basic, full, fuller. Anything more will cost extra.

MinZ Maille is a private, out-of-home business. We aren’t corporate monsters trying to trick you. We’re just starting out, so please be patient with shipping. We’re still figuring that out.

Transactions must be made prior to shipping. Contact for more information.

Throughout the year we will be running other specials on duct-tape goods. Be sure to tune in for the Hogwarts special, the Eeveelution special, and more.

Thank you all so much for your support!



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