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Duct Tape Roses: Gryffindor

December 29, 2012

Duct Tape Roses: Gryffindor

This is an image of a Gryffindor rose from MinZ Maille. Gold and Red petals with a Black stem.

Slytherin will have either alternating light and dark Green petals with a Silver stem, or Green and Silver petals with a secondary Green stem.

Ravenclaw will be harder, as Bronze versus Gold duct tape may be hard to come by. We may do two shades of Blue with a Bronze stem, or Blue and Bronze Petals with a secondary Blue stem. The Bronze may end up being made with paint marker on White as a last resort.

Hufflepuff will be Yellow and Black alternating petals with a Black stem, or possibly Yellow with Gold petals and a Black stem.

The Hogwarts rose will be the four base House Colors on the petals: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue. The stem may be multi-colored for Gold, Silver, Bronze, Black, or custom.

Looking forward to our Harry Potter Special yet?

Gryffindor Rose 2


From → MinZ Maille


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