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I actually help! Also, Sailor Scouts!

December 29, 2012

MinZ Maille is my boyfriend’s mini-business for chainmaille (and now duct tape goods). But I’m the designer! I make the colors and stuff go ’round, baby. I just spent the last hour planning out the Sailor Senshi (Sailor Moon) special for the roses. It was a pain, I’ll tell you, because it’s hard to find artwork of the more common anime versions with the correct color schemes. After a lot of research, I finally got the colors down, and an idea of how I’m gonna do them.

Got your attention? Good!

Each Senshi / Scout has a base three-color scheme for their costume. The Uniform, the Bow, and the Filler. These are also considered the “base” and “accents”. The filler is White, with the Gold tiara. Each Sailor Scout follows this.

Sailor Moon – U// Blue, B// Red

Sailor Mercury – U// Dark Blue, B// Light Blue

Sailor Mars – U// Red, B// Dark Purple

Sailor Jupiter – U// Dark Green, B// Light Pink

Sailor Venus – U// Orange, B// Dark Blue

Sailor Uranus – U// Navy Blue, B// Yellow

Sailor Neptune – U// Sea Green, B// Navy Blue

Sailor Saturn – U// Pale Purple, B// Maroon

Sailor Pluto – U// Black, B// Dark Red

Sailor Mini-Moon – Chibi Moon – U// Pink, B// Red

The way I’ve designed it is as such:

The first ring of petals will be Gold, the next two rings of petals will be the Bow color, and the final two rings of petals will be the Uniform color. The stem will be White, and either the leaves will also be White with a small bit of Gold will be wrapped around the stem beneath the leaves, or the leaves will be Gold.

I help too, I swear! I’m really tired and I hope that all made sense. I’ll post a picture of what I mean once a beta one has been made. I did, however, compile a list of all the colors of duct tape we’re going to need. I can’t wait until February when we debut MinZ Maille as a vendor at a convention. Queen City Kamikaze, here we come!

Who likes Sailor Moon and would be pumped for this special?

In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!
-Sailor Moon.


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