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Pretty Good Day

January 2, 2013
Is there a neko Neku?

It’s been a pretty okay day today. Lots of good, and the bad doesn’t even outweigh it.

So here’s my list.

+ Ordered my Sailor Mars

– Little extra fees because I used a debit card instead of PayPal

+ Purchased inflatable sentry turret (Portal) from ThinkGeek

– Had to give up on getting 403 Forbidden HTTPanties for it

+ Got the floorspace for MinZ Maille at Queen CIty Kamikaze

– Need to bring a table, tablecloth, merchandise, and request the time off

+ Became admin of a big Facebook page

– So did some camwhoring chick

+ Kingdom Hearts 3Ds cutscenes

– There’s no negative for that! Lea, Roxas, Neku, Riku… There is no negative. The awesome characters really outweigh the annoying characters in this one, and I’m very very pleased with that.


– Still no negative for that.

+ Put up a cover and helped out a friend.

– Didn’t go to bed until 8:30 AM today.


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