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Sailor Mars– am I a bad person?

January 2, 2013

Sailor Mars– am I a bad person?

UPDATE! Fixed (I hope) the broken link. It should work, just click “Full-size image” on the sidebar.

So, I was Googling pictures of the Sailor Scouts and found a really cute picture of Sailor Mars. I realized I could zoom in and clicked on the hair next to her bow to look at the enlarged image.

It zoomed right in on her breasts and I sorta paused for a moment in surprise. I then proceeded to try it again.

It’s been almost an hour of me having that tab open, and between other things (like Facebook and Skype), I just go over and click-click-click…

I feel kinda bad. But it’s quite amusing.

Click the link at your own risk! Nothing inappropriate, but it sure as heck wastes a lot of time.


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