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Let Me Be Your Pikachu

January 3, 2013

Let Me Be Your Pikachu

PhotoShop with my Pikachu cosplay.
By the way, I don’t PhotoShop my looks. I just PhotoShop the background. Some people hear “model” and “PhotoShop” in the same sentence and assume I made my skin clear and stuff. No, I don’t even know how to do that. The only real PS work I do with myself is usually utilizing shadows and glows to make the edges seem less choppy when I put the picture into a different background.

…It feels really late for being not even 5:30 PM.

Here’s an anecdote to go with the pic.
So, I remember I made this picture with PhotoShop and posted it on Pokémon League Champion Red’s Facebook page as a fansign / joke.

Some chick comments “dislike” and I was really confused. I commented back with “You know it’s a joke, right?” and she bitched out at me. I started wondering if she was Red’s girlfriend or something, and clicked on her name to look at her profile. She was single and all her posts (which were in bursts of three or four and far between) were about how she’s giving up on Facebook for good (multiple times), and how she’s going to kill herself tomorrow (there were a lot of those too), and how she hates people… and she was supposedly 22. At the time, Red was supposedly 14. I don’t get it.

She legitimately commented “dislike” on something and bitched out about nothing for no reason. I’m pretty sure I was 17 at the time, and two years later I still just don’t get it.

She was obviously depressed, but what baffles me the most is that my post wouldn’t have even appeared on her news feed. She would have had to go to Red’s page, click on “Recent Posts By Others” and find my picture. Then from there comment on it.

Sounds kind of pointless if you ask me, and a lot of work to gain nothing.


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