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Sailor Mars: Beta Roses

January 3, 2013

Sailor Mars: Beta Roses

So, I didn’t realize I forgot to post about the beta Sailor Moon rose. I’ll do that next. But, I wanted to do a post about how I’m commissioning two or three Sailor Mars roses (I also bought the Purple duct tape) to go with my Mars cosplay. The design is utilizing a new idea I have (this one doesn’t have it perfected, but the next one hopefully will). The new idea is for the center of the stem to be taped over. This one did something similar to that (we used a pen as the stem as we were out of the kind of straw we use, so the center was Gold).

Pretty amazing.Custom from MinZ Maille.

Pretty amazing.
Custom from MinZ Maille.



The Sailor Mars rose also utilizes a new design that I intend to do with all the other Senshi roses (apart from Sailor Moon). The two inner rows of petals are the Bow color (Mars – Purple), the next row is White (Filler), and the last two rows are the Uniform color (Mars – Red). The stem is White, with a Gold ring (Accent) and the petals are the Bow color again (Mars – Purple).

A few notes. I didn’t take these pictures, my boyfriend did. The camera he used focused on the background instead of the rose, so the rose is blurry but everything else is clear. The pictures were also taken in a different lighting than I usually use (which he wasn’t aware of because he doesn’t normally take the pictures), so the Bow color (on the petals and leaves) looks more Blue. They are Purple, honest. When I get the rose, I’ll take better pictures, I promise.

I’m hoping to get my Mars cosplay before February. My costume shipped out but my wig hasn’t, and neither have my shoes. I’m less concerned about the shoes and more about having the wig. The con is February 16th.


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