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(SET UP PLANS) Kingdom Hearts: On Tour //SPINOFF – TWEWY

January 3, 2013

So a couple years ago I started writing a comedy fanfiction called “Kingdom Hearts: On Tour”. It was not really about Kingdom Hearts characters joining a band. It was originally supposed to be a funny and sweet AkuRoku (Axel/Roxas), but it turned into a chaos storm with a lot of Cleon (Cloud/Leon). It was actually that story that got me into the Cleon pairing. I tried it out and loved how amazingly perfect the On Tour versions of Leon and Cloud were for each other. It was hard to write the Axel and Roxas, because the whole point of the story was that Axel was in love with Roxas but Roxas doesn’t feel the same (and thinks he never will). When Roxas starts to come to the realization of his own feelings, he thinks Axel is in love with someone else.

In the end SPOILERS! They end up together, but not after it taking a massive toll on their friendship first and Roxas and Axel both nearly dying at the hands of The Keyblade (a rival band in this story, but they’re pretty evil). It’s with Aqua’s help that Roxas and Axel are both saved, even though she makes it quite clear that she still hates Roxas with a firey passion.

As much as it sounds like a fantastic story to me, I’ve gotten insanely side-tracked due to the entire ending being erased in a computer malfuction. (Note: ALWAYS BACK UP EVERYTHING.) My friend who I started writing the story with got me into The World Ends With You, and in KH 3Ds (Dream Drop Distance), I thought Neku was the best contrast to Sora I’d ever seen (he’s also adorable). I really wish he were in more of the game, not just Traverse Town.

So we decided to try and pick On Tour up again, but do a side arc involving Neku (and at least Joshua and Shiki, possibly Beat or Rhyme). Currently, I’m in the setup stages, because I need to do a separate character guide for it, and re-establish where we are in the story. So far, all I really have written is a couple plot points, and Neku’s profile:

Neku Sakuraba
The new DJ at a TraverseTown hotspot, this seemingly gruff boy is extremely passionate about music. Sora asks the remixer to join them, but Roxas is disapproving. Much to Roxas’ dismay, everyone else seems to like Neku and keep telling Roxas he’s just jealous… even Axel!

Plot point thoughts:

—Reaper’s Game Mission?

—Sora gets a crush, asks him to join

—Roxas disapproves

—Times out?

Set up thoughts:

Neku: I just got a new job at some weird club thing in some place called Traverse Town. Not personally a fan of the social scene, but hours upon hours of getting paid to mix music? I think I might make it. As long as no one talks to me.

Cloud: Apparently Traverse Town has a new club or something. Not really a “club”, but a hotspot. Sora, Demyx, Roxas, Axel, and Namine are all going. It worries me that they’ll be unsupervised… What if this place is full of pedophiles? Wait… Axel’s going.

So, there you go. A little show of what’s to come. By the way, my Fanfiction account is at

I recommend, if anything, reading It’s Not REALLY Incest!. It’s a little bit graphic, but well-written. There’s a lot of sensitive subject material in most of my stories, but I’m pretty sure that one is the worst. Kingdom Hearts: On Tour is a comedy that I intend to re-write when I get old and have a ton of time on my hands and Kingdom Hearts might actually be over. Two Hearts, One Passion is another I’m very proud of. Anyway, I have a quite a bit more set-up to do with this before I’m ready to start writing. Here’s some adorable Neku to hold you over until then.



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