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Societal Pressure: A Random Rant

January 4, 2013

Is it still trolling if it’s true?

My guy friend posted on Facebook today:

“You know I’ve about had it with people judging me by my looks. I know that’s the sad world we love in now, but if you don’t like how I look don’t say shit to me, I am what I am so get over it”

I commented:

“I find it amusing when guys complain about society judging them for what they look like, when they themselves have those same unfair biases about women. Your definition of what makes a girl attractive is influenced by the society you live in.

“All kinds of people complain about how society is warping our perspectives of what’s beautiful, or normal, or cool. It’s unfair, really, for guys to complain about it when there isn’t nearly as much “singular standard” for what the ideal male looks like. There are some pretty basic rules for women (such as weight, breast size, clothing) that make living harder.

“Even you have biases about what attractive women look like. What attractive women wear. What attractive women act like. Your own opinions are heavily influenced by the same society you complain about judging you. No one is exempt from bias, but women are much more likely to be negatively judged for appearance (and more harshly) than men.

“There are many more attractiveness criteria, you could call it, to choose from that could make a guy be considered attractive even though he looks really different from that other attractive guy. Women don’t have as much variation in what is “beautiful”.

“Being a male is a visually subjective society is nowhere near as hard. And honestly, not many people should have much right to complain about it, because each generation molds society to its own standards. That’s why skirts are shorter and bras push up more. Our societal view of beauty is always changing. The standard of beauty on the news when you’re 20, 30, 40… that’s your society. The people in this age group you’re in now are making those people attractive.”

I made some people upset on his Facebook. Oh well.


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