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BUCKLE DOWN! DTR – Sailor Moon: Beta Roses

January 5, 2013

I’m FINALLY doing my Sailor Moon rose post. It took long enough!

Anyway, I made a post before about one of the MinZ Maille specials I was designing. It was going to be a Sailor Senshi special. I had the color details set and a couple design plans made. In my V1 Mars Rose post, followed up by the V2 Mars Rose post, I sort of molded my plans for the Senshi roses a bit. The Moon roses, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned in those posts, will be designed a bit differently.

The following pictures are of “V1-A and V1-B” Beta Moon roses. They’re both first edition roses, so one isn’t considered a “next step” or V2 rose. The roses are of two different V1 styles, and I’m in the midst of deciding which to build upon for V2. One is called the Gold Ring design, the other is the Gold Leaves design. They’re labeled in the captions of the images below.

Have at it, then!

Beta Sailor Moon Rose1. The petal design on both Beta Moon roses are the same. One row of Gold (Accent Color), two rows of Red (Bow color), and two rows of Blue (Uniform color).

Beta Sailor Moon Rose2. Both Beta Moon roses have White stems (Filler color). I tried two designs on the stem / leaves. One with Gold leaves, the other with White leaves and a Gold ring meant to represent her tiara / moon.

Beta Moon : Gold Ring

Sailor Moon: Gold ring design.

Beta Moon : Gold Leaves

Sailor Moon: Gold leaves design.

It’s been a long time coming. But I can finally say, “Those Beta Moon roses? Yeah, I blogged about them already,” and be telling the truth.

I also want to give a shoutout and thanks to the all of you. On Jan 4th, 2013, I got 63 views and 53 visitors to my blog. One less view than my “best ever” of 64 views, but the visitors is way up from my previous best of 13 visitors. This is very exciting, and thanks to anyone who visited my blog yesterday.


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