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Sailor Mars To-Do Agenda

January 5, 2013

So, if it wasn’t already obvious, I’m cosplaying Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon (Original Series Anime Version, specifically). The following are all the things I need to get done eventually before I will be content with my cosplay being “complete”. These are kind of in order of importance, more or less, but not exactly the order I’ll do them in.

Without further ado, my to-do list for Mars:

1. -Sailor Mars Heart Brooch

Totally a pic of the Heart Brooch... with no other intent whatsoever.

I’m not exactly sure how to make this one. I might try making it a plush and securing it with a safety pin, or possibly making it out of clay or wood and painting / coloring / staining it before figuring out how to attach it from there. Maybe another way.

2. -V2 Ofuda [Anti-Evil Scrolls]

No image is ever used multiple times. Ever.

For these, I really just need white cardstock and a bit of time.

3. -Make-Up

Those eyes look right into your soul.

Sailor Mars’ eyes are purple in a lot of screencaps (but in early 90s anime, no color of anything was ever consistent). I’m pretty sure that her official eye color is probably purple. Therefore…

Raye for your dubbers.

I’ll be getting some purple eyeshadow (to make my blue eyes seem more purple-y), red lipstick, light pink blush, concealer (possibly a very pale foundation, too), mascara, and possibly eyeliner to give off the overly large eyes look that anime does. [I hate make up sometimes…]

4. -Her Choker and Tiara

So elegant.

I plan on holding off on those to make sure the cosplay doesn’t come with them. It didn’t mention them in the description, but they were in the pictures of the standalone cosplay. There was even a separate picture on it for those things alone…

5. -Henshin Pen [Transformation Stick]

Dat incorrect fanart.

Symbol incorrect here too… gah.
So, John want to try making it but isn’t sure how. We decided that if it writes, the Mars symbol at the top can’t glow. If it doesn’t, he might rig it to do so. Therefore we aren’t sure how to make it.
Later, we’re crunching numbers and we’ll know if the better option would be to buy it.

6. -Mars Star Earrings

That's an ear, all right.

I’ve got sensitive ears, so I’m making clip-ons instead of earrings.
I’ll need a set of clip-on bases, two flat-back circular red gems, and two red 5-pointed star beads.

7. -Mars symbol stickers

Why would they make it backwards? WHY?

This one is backwards… Frustrating.
So, I want to make these to stick on my forehead under the tiara. Sounds weird but I’m like that.

I'll need sticker paper and time to PhotoShop myself a nice one.

I’ll need sticker paper and time to PhotoShop myself a nice one.

And the absolute LAST thing I’m worried about getting:

8. -Mars’ Flame Sniper [bow/arrow]

With the power of Mars, guys.

I have absolutely no idea how I’m doing this yet.

Symbolism, guys.

I’m thinking possibly making the mini version she summons with (pictured here) out of wood and painting / coloring / staining it.

So far, I think that’s it. I’m planning on getting some red socks (possibly the kind with pads on them) to use if I do any dancing. Dancing in heels is very possible, but I’ve learned that it can cause some pretty gross blisters in the long run.


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