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RE: Imaginary Boys (L33tStr33t Boys)

January 10, 2013

Imaginary Boys (L33tStr33t Boys Post)

I suggest you read the link, and the comment by Korika is me. Regardless, I’ve always found this interesting. My comment is reposted right here if you want to come back to read it:

I used to be like this, and I actually know people I would classify as having Cosplay Identity Disorder. For a long time I was fine with my group of friends all cosplaying from different things, but then I kept noticing that other groups were ALL VOCALOIDs, or ALL Pokemon, or ALL Durarara, and so on. It was a sub-culture pressure to “fit in” among people you were ALREADY friends with before you showed up. Group cosplay is fantastic and often looks great, but I’ve noticed that one to three people in a group of friends decide what it will be and no one else has a say in it. Even I’m guilty of it. You want to be a part of that group within a group within your group.

Back on topic, something that I find works wonders with CID (romance-wise) is dating someone, showing them the anime you want to cosplay from, then asking if they’ll cosplay from it too. For example, my boyfriend and I watched Kyo Kara Maoh together, and I’m cosplaying Wolfram. I asked if he’d be my Yuuri. One that’s actually complete is for AAC 2012, I was Flareon (a cosplay I’d been working on since Matsuri) and he was Glaceon. Another good thing is to allow them to choose a character. Especially in animes where there isn’t just one pairing that is supported by people (See KINGDOM HEARTS as a huge example). My boyfriend chose which Eeveelution he wanted to be. He liked Glaceon best. I also gave him one as a present on his Platinum version after he chose, but that’s something else.

Coordinate cosplays with people you’re ALREADY DATING. If you’re Sailor Moon, I understand maybe making friends with a Tuxedo Mask and asking him if he’s comfortable taking pictures with you. Don’t seek out a Tuxedo Mask to screw in the name of the moon.

Just saiyan.


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