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I f***ing love science.

January 13, 2013

Why do I love science?

Science makes my life seem more like a video game or a really good novel.

Groundbreaking research is like backstory, plot twists, or lore. It expands my knowledge on things, it uproots what I’ve been told for years.

The Bible never has anything new. It’s been the same exact book for thousands of years. No one does any new study on it. When people do, the church rejects their findings.

I guess that’s why churches hate video games and new-age fiction (especially sci-fi and fantasy). It mimics what science is doing to our lives: TEACHING US. CHANGING US. SHOWING US NEW THINGS.

And they just sit in the chapel or wherever and read the same exact book forever. Maybe they’re jealous? Maybe they’re stubborn?

Maybe they’re afraid.


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