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E1 Sailor Mars: Agenda Part 2

January 15, 2013

I’ve reached that point where I need to reconvene myself and figure out what to do next.


First I’ll do mini-lists of what I have posted, then what I need to post. After that, I’ll list off what still needs to be made or completed.

This post will be updated about 3 times to show new posts, shown with a E1, E2, or E3 in the title. After the final update, a new version will be published. This may not always be up to date, as I may be  in the process of writing more posts.

Without any further delay, here is my Agenda Part 2!

Edit #1.

Section 1: Already Posted

*The numbers in parentheses after the title are links to the published posts.

Rose Post (1) (2)

Flame Sniper (1) (1.5) (2) (3)

Earrings (1) (2) —Complete.

Brooch (1) (2) (3) —Complete

Ofuda (1)

Makeup (1)

Choker (1) —Complete

Section 2: Next To Be Posted

*This section only includes things that are done but have not yet been documented or published.

Flame Sniper: 4 and 5 —This piece is not done. The completed steps must be documented.

Makeup: 2 —This piece is not done. The next planning stage must be documented.

Tiara: 1 —This piece is not done. Planning must be documented.

Cosplay: 1 and 2 —This piece is not done. What I have must be documented.

Henshin: 1 and 2 —This piece is not done. Planning and steps must be documented.

Wig: 1 —The wig is complete. Documentation needed.

Section 3: Next To Be Made

*These are in no particular order.

Gloves (Approx. 3 Stages)

Queen City Kamikaze Debut (1 Big Post)

Flame Sniper (Approx. 2 More Stages)

Henshin (Approx. 4 More Stages)

Tiara (Approx. 2 More Stages)

TiaraBeta (Approx. 2 Stages)

Makeup (UNAVAILABLE APPROXIMATE) **Time-consuming and somewhat unimportant**

Big Sniper / Mars Arrow (Approx. 6 Stages)

Ofuda V2 (Approx. 1 More Stage)

Mark of Mars (Approx. 2 Stages)

Cosplay Edits (Approx. 4 Stages)

Finale (1 Big Post)

Thank you all so much for visiting, reading,  liking, and following my blog. It really is a fantastic motivator.


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