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Concept Synopsis: Adieu, Shoki

January 16, 2013

So, how’s this for a really bad story synopsis of a really good story? Ahem.

Working Title:
Adieu Shoki
(Farewell Sanity)

Coltre is one of the greatest warrior champions of all time. All the world has left is melee combat after the Great Magi Massacre left all magic users slain and magical phenomena extinct under the will of the Gospel Veneration.

Seventeen years ago, during the confusion and panic of the Massacre, Coltre’s sister, Voltri, was kidnapped.

When a summons from Jxac, Duke of Zyn, brings him to a strange place far from anywhere he’d battled before, he is immediately ordered to execute a young girl condemned to be the last magic user alive. Unable to bring himself to do it, Coltre resigns himself to the Duke’s wrath. Much to his surprise, Jxac formally invites him to join his guard.

The young girl, Sylan, is a necromancer with a pure spirit and a sad disposition. She is regretful that people think that magic can only hurt.

But a greater power stirs deep within the recesses of the ever-mysterious Veneration temple. Simply called the “Yolini”, it is said to be a dark spirit possessing a strong vessel. Mihha, an escaped priestess of the temple, seeks sanctuary with the Duke.

It’s not just the Yolini the team needs to worry about…
…it’s Coltre’s sanity.


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