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Gun Control Discussion

January 24, 2013

So I published a post not long ago about a letter I saw on Facebook about gun control. I received a wonderful comment and had a fantastic time addressing it. I’d like to publish a post just containing those comments.


Shinashi As Usual said:

As much as I kind of agree, I really hate it when people say with indignant surprise that some are “making a big deal” out of things like murders or massacres.And.. I don’t follow stories, but the general impression from the media I get for killers is that they are almost always insane, few knew everything about them but most suspected nothing, Glorifying is too positive a word for what the media does to killers. And I hear that all the time as well.

I mean if the media is glorifying the killer and their use of guns and violence and mental instability… You would think there would be a consensus on such things, or something more positive.


korikachan (I) said:

I appreciate your input. This is the opinion I personally gathered from what I heard and read, and I have little knowledge over what actually goes on. I feel my wording may have been a bit off on one thing, and that would be “making a big deal”. I’m not surprised, because our media eats up negativity, and I’ve known that for a long time.

I’m also not saying that it isn’t important enough for coverage, I just feel that we focus so much on the killer that the victims get sold short. People have heard the name “Adam Lanza” about as many times as “Dylan Klebold” or “Eric Harris”. I feel that we then group all the victims together under one name, be it Sandy Hook or Columbine, and they don’t get recognition. Our media over-pushes the name of the criminal. When someone is arrested, we hear the criminal’s name over and over, not the victim.

The way I see it is, we could totally have a movie called “Penguin” or “Scarecrow”, but I don’t think it’d be as popular as “Batman”. Marketing doesn’t work like that, we want the hero to win. The hero is the focus.

In the general media, we focus almost exclusively on the negativity, and we are brought to the conclusion that good will never win. Such as with Disney’s 1943 Propaganda Piece: Reason and Emotion (, the man listening to the media is driven almost insane by the negative messages he was hearing about the war. That’s more or less unchanged today.

The second part of your argument was the word “glorify”. I suppose word choice really is the biggest issue. I feel that there really isn’t another word I could find to really stress the amount of coverage the killer gets in comparison to the victims. I feel that we as a country, through gun control, are blaming inanimate objects for human action. We should be investing in mental health, not taking away the second amendment. It wasn’t a problem before, and Universities used to have classes where the primary focus was on shooting and learning how to properly use and handle a gun. I personally feel that we are taking the wrong approach here.

Thank you for this wonderful comment and input. With permission, I would like to publish this discussion in a second post.


Shinashi As Usual said:

Thanks so much for clearing up the semantics. Most people I talk with gloss over it (To-may-toe, to-ma-to) as if we don’t use the meaning of words for communication.

… And it goes to show how much I don’t follow the news… I didn’t recognize Lanza at first, and the other two are completely alien… But the word for media hounded killers would be ‘attention’. Undue attention, disgusting attention, sensationist attention. I remember the Trayvon Martin horror, one moment his killer was a racist, another a man under the law, another a confused wannabe hero. Most of it wasn’t glorifying, most of it was disgusting attention.

And.. No one is taking away all the guns… Thus, no one is taking away the 2nd amendment. In my opinion, if doing some gun control- in whatever fashion other than outright banning of all guns- and some funding for the whole mental health world -short of “making a registry for lunatics”- is going to stop at least one massacre. I’m all for it.

Publish away~


This is a fantastic example of discussion and disagreement. Nothing makes me quite as excited as listening to people point out where they were confused and where they disagree with my statement. Thank you so much to Shinashi As Usual for this conversation, and to all readers who take the time to think, question, and ask.


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