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Mars Henshin: Stage 1

February 6, 2013

There isn’t too much to say about this so far. I’ve mentioned it before in one of my brooch posts, but John is making me a Mars Henshin.

Henshin is “transformation”, and the Mars Henshin Pen is the “wand” she uses to transform from Hino Rei / Raye Hino into Sailor Mars.

Stage 1: Starting

John used the leftover clay to make the pen base, and a scrap piece of 14 gauge steel wire to make the other piece.

Looks kinda like this.

Looks kinda like this.

He’s going to color the top and wire with gold paint marker. We’re waiting on this because it’s of very minimal importance and we don’t have time at the moment. Just wanted to check this off my “to be posted” list.

Not editing the agenda quite yet, as I did that earlier. Do check it out anyway! It has links all over.

Gluten-free nacht!


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