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Sailor Mars – Final Countdown

February 14, 2013

With Queen City Kamikaze on Saturday, I’m sad because I’ve fallen way behind on everything blog and cosplay related. I have a ton of posts I haven’t done, and a lot of cosplay pieces I haven’t even started on top of those I haven’t finished. Coordinating school and this stuff is really difficult. I’m sorry that my Mars cosplay and stuff isn’t totally done for the debut, but I’ll have a good amount ready to show in some pictures.

First of all, let me say what is done:

The earrings.

The brooch.

The choker.

The wig.

The gloves.

And honestly, I fear that’s all that will be complete in time. Flame Sniper encountered a lot of problems, and with the weather the way it is, it’s impossible to spray paint outside, and the fumes travel all throughout the house. MinZ Maille has fallen pretty far behind schedule, so I’m putting off the commission for my two extra roses for now. The tiara that came with the costume was so terrible it wasn’t worth trying to fix, so we’ll be making a new one eventually. The list goes on.

I know excuses are unbecoming. I really do apologize. It hurts to see my cosplay incomplete before QCK. But I’ve put in a lot of work for it, and I hope my apology means something to someone.

Happy Valentines Day on top of it all. If you’re sad that you don’t have anyone to celebrate with, don’t worry. I can’t see or even talk with my boyfriend today, because he’s at work until late.

Thank you for your support, my readers.


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