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Looker Costume Outline

February 26, 2013

On the subject of matching the base posts for Cynthia and Looker’s progress, I’m making an outline for Looker’s costume as much like the one I did for Cynthia.

As for the costume, by all definitions, Looker is a “closet cosplay”.

However, I wouldn’t consider it an easy one unless you like to dress like an InterPol investigator on a daily basis. Or some sort of pedo.

Or a Time Lord. Whatever floats your day-to-day boat.

Or a Time Lord. Whatever floats your day-to-day boat.

Lookers costume is simple, yes, but stumbling across some of the pieces was mostly luck on my part.

Breaking the costume down the same way I did with Cynthia into several parts:

-Shirt     -Pants     -Shoes

-Sport Coat / Blazer / Suit Jacket



To start off, we can group the Shirt, the Pants, and the Shoes together into one big clump.

For the Shirt, we will need a collared, white, button-up, dress shirt. The only part of this that really shows in the collar. The shirt we used for the beta photos had silver tips. We will be going to Goodwill for the shirt.

For the Pants, they appear to be just black dress pants. John has two pairs that may work: the ones from the beta photos that are also his work pants, and a pair of tuxedo dress pants I recently found in my laundry that were his (I don’t know how that happened, he’s never even worn them).

For the Shoes, either black dress shoes or shined black leather boots would work. John has both.

The next thing on the list is the Sport Coat / Blazer / Suit Jacket. The reason for the multiple names is the fact that I don’t know what it’s called. I’ve been told all three of those things. I guess “blazer” is the term for the female version, “suit jacket” is for tuxedos, “sport coat” is more informal… I don’t even know anymore. I’m calling it a blazer.

Looker’s blazer is a very dark brown, darker than the brown of his trenchcoat. It doesn’t have visible buttons, and comes down low like a vest while folding over like the blazer for a 3-piece suit.

Searching Goodwill is a good place to start, but I’ve had more luck with Women’s blazers than Men’s… whatever they call it. The blazer would probably be one of the two I found at Goodwill but could not color confirm.

Probably the one on the top, as it is a darker brown and more accurate.

Probably the one on the top, as it is a darker brown and more accurate.

Granted, I saw these last Thursday, so they may be gone by now. Whatever, I’ll just look for more options when I go in, now that I have the color matching down.

Next up is the Tie.

Looker has a purple necktie. For some reason, those are hard to find. I went to Goodwill and took a gamble on one of four ties that might work ($1.99 each). The image on my phone made it look like the tie was supposed to be very light in color.

I took the third tie, with the diagonal stripes.

I took the third tie, with the diagonal stripes.

I decided to get the only almost-solid purple tie they had. When I got home and checked my computer, the tie was closer to the correct color than the tie I’d originally been planning to get. Guesswork is amazing with a pinch of luck thrown in.

Finally is the Trenchcoat.

Looker has a trenchcoat / overcoat / duster. Don’t get me started on what those different words mean. I already decided to call it a trenchcoat. It’s a lighter brown color with big buttons and pockets.

I really lucked out here. I found a suitable trenchcoat priced at $20 that was on sale for 1/2 off, making it $10 for a REALLY NICE TRENCHCOAT. Those are crazily expensive by nature. And hard to find, too. Soooo lucky.

My next endeavor (tomorrow, I hope) is to post beta pictures of Looker. Night!!


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