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International Police Agent Looker – Who’s He?

February 26, 2013

John from MinZ Maille has so nicely agreed to cosplay alongside me when I cosplay Cynthia.

Pokémon Platinum was the game that got him into Pokémon again, the way Diamond did for me.

This may have influenced my choice to be Platinum version’s Cynthia over Diamond / Pearl (team-wise).

John chose Looker as his character to cosplay.

Looker (or ‘Handsome’ in the Japanese version) is the secret agent investigator in charge of uncovering the goals and stopping the plans of crime syndicates on an international scale. This time, he has been assigned to Team Galactic’s crazy motives in the Sinnoh Region. A bit of a sketchy guy (to a point), he tells our heroes only his codename, “Looker”.



As for Pokémon in his team, the only known Pokémon he has is his Croagunk. Assumed to be his Partner Pokémon, none of its moves are known. Croagunk as a Pokémon is a Poison/Fighting type and either has the ability Anticipation or Dry Skin. For the sidekick of an investigator, Anticipation seems like a better asset. The ability alerts the Pokémon and trainer of any one-hit KO or super effective moves the opposing Pokémon has. In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Croagunk is known to have the move Vacuum Wave.

Looker is truly one interesting character.

Looker in the anime.

Looker in the anime.

Looker is an InterPol Agent (or International Police). In Pokémon Platinum, he is said to work for the International Police, but the “Global Police” was an English version translation from many games in the past. I believe the term dates back to Red / Blue (As opposed to Green in this case, considering it was an English translation) / Yellow, probably an attempt to protect copyright and maintain the “fictional world” feel of Pokémon. Americans are strange like that, though I personally like calling Looker a Global Police agent over an InterPol agent. As was probably the goal of the changed translation to begin with, it gives Pokémon a fictional variant of its own, making it all the more its own world. However, he is called an elite member of the International Police, and the rest of the characters who encounter him know of the InterPol being called the “new” term. It was a bit of a disappointment, honestly, as I liked the old term.

It is assumed in the English version that he is not a native speaker of whatever the hell language Sinnoh-ians speak (same with Unova-ites in B/W), because of the way his sentences are constructed. He is also a pretty good “master of disguise”, as he actually disguises himself as a breakable rock in Stark Mountain. He also disguises himself as a Team Galactic Grunt a few times. In the anime, he disguises himself as a Hiker.

So, I’ll be outlining the costume in the next Looker post.


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