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Jigglypuff Gijinka Breakdown – Helping People

March 3, 2013

My new friend was asking me for advice on a Jigglypuff cosplay she wants to do. She sent me the following reference picture, I sent her everything in this post after that…

*I didn’t even edit for spell checks, this is exactly what I sent.

The reference picture of the version of gijinka she wanted to do.

The reference picture of the version of gijinka she wanted to do.

What I do for cosplay designs is I break down the costume into parts.

For this we can say:

Wig / Hair







Wig: I’d go for a dark bubblegum pink. Don’t have it be too light, as you’ll want it to contrast the lighter ears. If you’re going for recognizably Jigglypuff, you want the different key points to be distinguishable from the rest of it. For styling, you could get a wavy wig or a style-able heat-resistant wig. Try to avoid “curly” wigs, as they get really unruly, worse than most wigs. Also, try not to go for too long. The longer the wig, the less manageable it gets and it doesn’t look as good for pictures. I recommend a medium-length wig, possibly down to the shoulders or a little above that. You’re going for the innocent look of Jigglypuff, so longer hair is somewhat better.

Ears: If you’re going for this design, she’s wearing a hat. I personally like that idea a lot, as it forces the eye to distiguish the difference between the hair and ears. One thing that might be cool for the hat is to make it out of a soft fleece-like fabric, and make the ears out of the same fabric. The darker part of the ears can be added in with some black craft felt. Another option is to do a headband, which for this particular gijinka, I don’t recommentd. Jigglypuff’s ears are small. They wouldn’t stand out much on a headband and would look disporportionate if you made them too big or too small.

Dress: Go for a very simple pink dress. Go for a slightly lighter shade of bubblegum pink than the wig, as the darker shade distinguishes your face and draws attention to the small bits of contrast, which is visually appealing. Knee length seems like the best option if you are doing the legs. Also, try to go for something with thin straps (not spaghetti straps, but more like sleeveless / jumper straps). This will give off the childlike innocent look you’re going for. If not, find one with no straps or sleeves. You can impose the straps later by using spare fabric and some cute buttons. If you go sleeveless / strapless, I can further explain how to get that romper dress look. Another note is to avoid dresses with the mesh frills underneath meant to make it look poofy / flowy. You’ll want to superimpose that yourself to make it look better.

Legs: For the legs (if you choose to do them), try to get a material similar to the dress (feel-wise) but a lighter pink. Try to match the shade of the ears. John is the one who has a better idea of how to do this, but you’ll more or less be making an open cone shape and adding ties or elastics to keep them on the legs. Save any leftover fabric to make the bow and sash on the dress..

Shoes: For her shoes, I recommend getting very simple white shoes and some fabric markers. It’s hard to find shoes like the ones the girl is wearing made for adults, but if you can, try and find white or light pink of those style shoes. You don’t want to draw too much attention to the shoes, so make them somewhat bland (but make them look nice).

Props: For props, she has a microphone. I think you should get some headphones to put around your neck. The extra fabric from the legs can be used for the ribbon on the microphone. I can explain better how to make the microphone later.

Makeup: Invest in some pink blush. Dust your cheekbones a little bit to give a soft, childlike look.


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