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BMS – Overview!

May 14, 2013

This is the first in the  postings for the new BMS (Buy My Stuff) sales. I’ve been lacking in updates here, because I’ve been doing all my sales via Facebook. But I’m going to go back and try to fix all the categories here and do a big update.

I’m testing out a new category system to make for shorter posts and give people an easier time to find what they might be looking for!

The following are the basic rules and notes, with explanations:

Contact me via email– or on the Figuratively Everything Facebook Page.

Facebook is probably the easiest way to contact me, but I leave open the email option to those without a Facebook. I don’t check my email too frequently, but I will accept it as a method of communication.

*Make offers, almost all prices are negotiable.

I am not a businessperson. Some items I won’t go lower on by themselves, but I will combine prices on items, and even out prices with shipping, and other various niceties to make the buying experience more pleasant.


“In person” only applies to people I already know and live near me. I will not be meeting up with strangers unless it is at a convention we are both going to. If there are other methods of transferring money you are more comfortable with, let me know and I will look into them. Concealed cash in the mail, checks, and credit cards are NOT acceptable methods of payment. I will not be held responsible for lost money in the mail, or any fees that may come from bounced checks. I have no method of accepting credit cards through anything other than PayPal.

When an item is SOLD, I will remove it from the listing.

This means that until I am paid, the item will remain posted on this page. If I am waiting for payment, I will put PAYMENT PENDING on the item.

I will consider holds on a case-by-case basis.

I am very lenient with my policies. I will not do holds for people who say “I maybe kinda sorta want that”. I WILL consider holds for people who are having bank issues, or are absolutely certain they will be purchasing an item from me. If I am holding something for you, I require regular communication as to the status of the sale. If I don’t hear from you for no reason for several days, I will send a warning email or message saying that you have one more day to get in touch with me before the hold is revoked.

Shipping fees are case-by-case.

Ask about shipping and I will find out for you. I am usually capable of making trips to the Post Office on Monday-Thursday afternoons, but every week’s schedule is different and things come up. Please be patient if I can’t calculate shipping for you same-day.

I really need the money and to clear up space. 

I am a hungry college student trying to downsize my living space to save money.

Categories and Subcategories!

As for categories, I’m going to be splitting it up like so:

Subcategories: Full Cosplay / Costume, Wigs, Costume Accessories, Partial Cosplay / Costume.

Subcategories: Formal, Lingerie, General.

Outfit Additions
Subcategories: Accessories, Jewelry, Shoes, Pins / Brooches.

Subcategories: Anime Plushies / Figures, Toys, Decor / Art.

Subcategories: Console / Handheld Games, PC / Computer Games, Systems / Misc Items.

Cards + Tabletop Gaming
Subcategories: TCG Packs, Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, Pokemon Cards, Role-Play Games + Items.

Anime Media
Subcategories: Anime DVD / VHS, Books (Manga / Comic).

Non-Anime Media
Subcategories: Non-Anime DVD / VHS, Books (Non-Comic), Audio.

Subcategories: Electronics, Anime Goodies, Random Stuff.

Subcategories: Free Gifts, Bulk Discounts, Shipping Specials.

These categories will adjust over time.

Each category will have specifications as to what will be in the post itself.


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